1. Congratulations to the participants whose abstract has been accepted for e-poster presentation on the 71st Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2019, Chennai.

2. Only registered delegates are allowed to present the e-poster in the 71st IPC 2019. Kindly complete the registration process as soon as possible(

3. The instruction for e-poster presentation is provided below as a template.

4. The presenting author must save the template file on the name of the paper code(eg.PHCXXXX.ppt) 

5. The template must be prepared by the presenting author and sent to the respective email id of each subject listed below.

6. Kindly avoid multiple submission of e-poster presentation. 

7. E-Poster templates: PowerPoint slide (ppt, pptx)

8. You must produce ONE single PowerPoint slide only; additional slides are not accepted for the same poster

9. Use a larger font wherever possible

10. Check the draft of your poster very carefully to ensure there are no typographical or style errors

11. All e-Poster presentations must be submitted electronically

12. Use your customize color

13. Thank you for your valuable contribution to this IPC, we look forward to welcoming youall.

Paper Title Name
 Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Technology
Pharmacognosy, Indigenous Drugs, Herbal formulations and Phytochemistry
Pharmacology and Toxicology, Clinical Research & Pharmacoepidemiology
Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism
Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance  
Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics
Hospital, Community and Clinical Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Education, Professional Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Management
Drug Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance


The Last date for e-poster submission is extended to DEC 03, 2019. Kindly include the paper code inside the e-poster.  

Any e-poster submitted after December 3 will be rejected without prior information

Any queries regarding e-poster template and presentation 

– contact   


Mobile number – 9940630498